What is CBx Buyer Locator?


Meet the CBx® Technology Suite; an exclusive set of products will change the way I sell your home using big data that makes sense. In every facet of our industry, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC sets the standard for innovation, expertise, and support. As a Coldwell Banker® Hearthside agent, I use the CBx Technology to find buyers using predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms.


Once I list your home it’s time find the buyers! The CBx Buyer Locator is an integral part of the CBx Technology Suite, intended to provide market research information about the zip code your listing is located within. Big data and demographics power a cutting-edge tool that enables me to determine where likely buyers for your home are coming.  It will also provide insight for how to target those buyers and market the property with intelligence.


We use market research and Buyer Profile matches to pinpoint demographics and most-used media to create and target your advertising. CBx Buyer Locator gives me the demographic data needed to be smarter with marketing your home. This proprietary product can predict where buyers are coming from by turning big data into actionable marketing insights ultimately combining sophisticated pricing capabilities with interactive designs to create a unique experience that you won’t see anywhere else.




Change the game with CBx Buyer Locator